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A visit to a D.O. Tierra del Vino winery, a wine tasting of wines from this Denomination of Origin together with a chocolate tasting or a stay with your pet. We want the days you spend staying in a charming rural hotel in Zamora as special as our “Posada Real” to be an experience that you can design by adding any of the extras that we offer by booking through our website.

Wine tourism: Add a visit to a winery to your experience

A visit to a traditional winery where wine is produced in Zamora’s Tierra del Vino DO. Weather permitting, you will visit the vineyard with its centenary vines and taste different wines accompanied by a delicious Zamora cheese made from raw sheep’s milk.

Price: 17€/ person

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Wine Tasting + Chocolate Tasting

Choose between ViñaVer DO Tierra del Vino de Zamora wines (Crianza, Reserva or Sparkling) which we will leave in your room on your arrival at the hotel together with a box with a selection of handmade chocolates from Zamora.


Crianza wine + Chocolates: 19€ | Reserve wine + Chocolates: 31€ | Sparkling wine + Chocolates: 11€

Bring your pet to the hotel: It’s welcome

We are one of the few Petfriendly rural hotels in Zamora. In our inn we will be delighted to welcome you, complying with some basic rules of behaviour and hygiene to avoid disturbing other guests. You can consult these rules in the Petfriendly section by clicking here.

Price: 14€/ Stay

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